Ukrainian set a trap from thieves and caught his own daughter in it

In the Odessa region of Ukraine, two six-year-old girls were seriously injured after they fell into a homemade trap from thieves, which the father of one of them set in a barn. On Saturday, December 26, citing the press service of the National Police of the Odessa region reports REN TV .

According to preliminary data, the girls were playing in the yard and at some point ran into the barn: there the father of one of them set a trap in which he wanted to catch the thieves. The trap worked: the barn owner’s daughter was injured in her legs, and her friend was injured in the abdomen. The parents of the children were in the house at the time of the incident.

Law enforcement agencies are already interested in the incident law enforcement : the issue of initiating a criminal case is currently being resolved in relation to the organizer of the trap.

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