More than half of Ukrainians supported early dissolution of parliament

More than half of Ukrainian citizens support the idea of ​​early dissolution of Verkhovna Rada and resignation Cabinet of Ministers, but oppose the holding of new presidential elections before the expiration of the powers of the current leader Vladimir Zelensky a >. This is evidenced by data of a survey published by the Ukrainian sociological group “Rating” .

According to the results of the study, 58 percent of Ukrainians were in favor of early dissolution of parliament, 39 percent were against. At the same time, 60 percent of citizens support the resignation of the government, 35 percent do not. 39 percent of the country’s population supported the immediate termination of the presidential powers, while 58 percent were against.

It is noted that Zelensky is still leading the trust rating among Ukrainian politicians. 41 percent of the country’s citizens trust him and 56 percent do not. In addition, sociologists spoke about the mood in Ukrainian society about the country’s future. “The emotions of disappointment (42 percent) and hope (32 percent) prevail among the population,” the experts concluded.

The poll of residents of Ukraine was conducted from December 16 to December 20, two thousand people over 18 years old took part in it in all regions of the country, except for the Donbass territories not controlled by Kiev.

Earlier, residents of Ukraine listed the main achievements of their country in 2020. Most of them considered the ceasefire in Donbass as such, more than 40 percent appreciated the construction of new roads, but 13 percent said that the state had no achievements at all in the past 12 months.