Ukrainian Foreign Minister assessed influence of West on Belarusian protests

Chapter MFA Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba in an interview with Internationale Politik magazine assessed the influence of the West on the Belarusian protests. This was reported on Monday, December 28, by ” Sputnik Belarus”.

According to Kuleba, the influence of the European Union and other Western states on events in Belarus is extremely limited. At the same time, the Ukrainian minister does not see how the country can develop in a pro-Western direction in the foreseeable future.

According to him, the pro-democratic part of the Belarusian society is undergoing a process of maturation, and this requires a high price.

“We can do what we are already doing now: open our borders for those who are forced or want to leave the country, and protect people who work for democracy in their country. But the future of Belarus is exclusively in the hands of the Belarusian people.” , – concluded Kuleba.

Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry responded to the accusations of the President of Belarus Alyaksandr Lukashenka in calls to “strangle” his country with economic sanctions. According to Kuleba, he never demanded to “destroy” Belarus.

In Belarus, mass protests have been going on for four months because of the official results of the presidential elections, according to which Lukashenko received 80 percent of the vote. At the same time, relations between Minsk and Kiev worsened.

Ukraine asked to extradite the Wagner PMC fighters who fought in the Donbass detained in Belarus. However, they returned to Russia. Kiev has announced that it is suspending contacts with the neighboring republic.