Live ukraine updates

China is about to sue Ukraine for billions of dollars
Ukraine reported an outbreak of a dangerous virus
Road to Zelensky’s residence flooded in Ukraine
Ukrainian woman tried to vote with USSR passport in Zelensky’s hometown
Iran vows to punish those responsible for downed Ukrainian Boeing before anniversary of event
Zelensky criticized former presidents of Ukraine
Companion Zelensky explained external management of Ukraine and was banned
Ukraine predicted a “second Donbass”
Europe’s most conservative politicians turn out to be regulars at gay parties
Relatives of people infected with coronavirus stormed Odessa hospital
Hungary told about civil war in Transcarpathia
Ukraine wants more NATO exercises on its territory
A new criminal case opened against Poroshenko
Weekend quarantine canceled in Ukraine
Hungary criticized Ukraine in NATO due to mass searches
Trump discussed possibility of protecting his children from Biden
In Ukraine, they announced arrest of Deputy Prime Minister for a drunken brawl at hotel
Ukraine: local deputies sang Hungarian anthem and came under investigation
Woman who lifted her skirt in front of Zelensky was punished
Ukraine began to buy weapons through NATO
Ukraine: monument to Lenin was replaced with Jesus Christ
Zelensky urged Ukrainians to unite and create a powerful country
Mass searches in Ukraine spark anger of Hungary in NATO
Ukraine will be closed again on strict quarantine due to coronavirus
Ukraine: collapse of ammunition industry was stated
Ukraine: teenagers almost burned a friend alive for a “cool” video
Ukrainians went to “tax Maidan”
Security guard secretly recording Kuchma’s conversations reveals details of “cassette scandal”
Kolesnikova announced people’s revolution in Belarus
Kolesnikova announced conditions for a dialogue with Lukashenko
Russian daily claims Saakashvili having affair with deputy of Zelensky party
Ukraine Covid-19 cases top 700,000
A way out of constitutional crisis was found in Ukraine
IMF denies emergency financial aid to Ukraine
Lukashenko announced creation of an anti-Belarusian information center in Ukraine
US State Department to allocate $800,000 for “assistance to Ukraine”
Ukrainian lost his legs after being bitten by a poisonous spider in country
Ukraine: 34 thousand doctors quit since beginning of pandemic
Ukraine accused Belarus of being overly emotional
Ex-Berkutovite accused of murders on Maidan decided to return to police
Belarus called Ukraine’s policy “a mockery of common sense”
A paid monument to Lenin was opened in Kiev
Ukraine announced need for an immediate lockdown
Ukraine announced a “huge hole” in country’s budget
Leader of Belarusian opposition explained inaction of investigators in her case
Ukraine has created a virtual cemetery for Ukrainians buried abroad
Tymoshenko’s party was deprived of state money
Ukraine will rebuild Afghanistan