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Woman with coronavirus was jealous of her husband and tried to infect him with spitting
Brazilian President says he risks “becoming an alligator” due to COVID-19 vaccine
Brazilian court authorizes punishment for refusal to vaccinate against COVID-19
New danger of high blood pressure
Tikhanovskaya opened “people’s embassies” of Belarus
Richest banker in world dies
A meteorite fell into garden of pensioners and gave them pleasant dreams
World economy was promised problems
Samsung, following Apple, will abandon smartphone charger
World’s largest oil trader admitted to bribing
Brazil reports first deadly fungus infection
Scientists predict death of 500 thousand Americans with COVID-19
Dozens of robbers took over city, blew up a bank and scattered thousands of bills
Apple will be forced to put charger in box with iPhone
US breaks daily record for coronavirus deaths
Unidentified armed gang fire and loot Brazil’s second city
Main fear of workers during a pandemic named
US breaks record for most deaths from coronavirus
World was predicted by popular unrest due to coronavirus