Woman with coronavirus was jealous of her husband and tried to infect him with spitting

A woman infected with a coronavirus was jealous of her husband and suspected that he wanted to get rid of her. After that, she attacked her husband and began to spit on him so that he also became infected. The incident took place in the Samsun province of Turkey, writes Hurriyet Daily News .

A man named Mustafa said that his wife is a doctor. At the hospital, she contracted the coronavirus. The woman was treated at home, and her husband looked after her. However, his test was negative.

When the man had his birthday, his sister called him. Hearing their conversation, the woman flew into a rage. She decided that her husband was talking on the phone about her and that he wanted to get rid of her. Then the spouse began to spit in Mustafa’s face so that he also contracted the coronavirus. She also bit him several times and also tried to put her hand in his mouth.

After the scuffle, the man complained about his wife to prosecutor’s office . “She beat me before, but I never complained. Now the time has come. I think she can do real harm to me or her patients,” Mustafa explained. “Not only women, but also men can be victims of domestic violence in this country. I do not intend to back down,” he concluded.

According to the World Health Organization as of December 19, since the beginning of the epidemic, 74.3 million cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in the world. 1.67 million people have died. The leaders in the number of infected are the United States, India and Brazil.