Live News Timeline | Page 981

Iran vows revenge for murder of nuclear physicist
Lockdown with a pause for New Year introduced in Georgia
A way out of constitutional crisis was found in Ukraine
US has expanded methods of death penalty
Iran accuses Israel of killing creator of nuclear program
Sberbank warned of a new trick of scammers
IMF denies emergency financial aid to Ukraine
US airline starts Covid-19 vaccine deliveries
Iran warns Israel and US against “adventures” after assassination of a nuclear physicist
Rogozin dismissed director of TsENKI because of an unrestrained word
Doctor named a prerequisite for preventing hair loss
Biden ponders appointment of a black man as head of Pentagon
Trump named reason for Biden’s victory in key disputed states
EV market saw signs of a financial bubble
Lukashenko announced creation of an anti-Belarusian information center in Ukraine
Xi Jinping urges Chinese military not to fear death
Lukashenko explained overheard conference of “suckers” from Tikhanovskaya
Biden was called a danger to China
Kate Middleton appeared in public in her mother’s old outfit
WHO rejects speculation about origin of coronavirus
Tesla will recall ten thousand cars because of flying off roof
Founder of Xiaomi explained creation of company
Bright future of European economy questioned
Woman got pregnant at 62 with her husband’s child from her own daughter
Belarus: set a record for infected with coronavirus
Trump called condition for arrival of Biden in White House
Lonely girl bought a wedding dress for future use and puzzled netizens
Israeli trace found in killing Iranian nuclear programmaker
Girl got out of poverty and received title of most beautiful woman in country
Iran has promised revenge for murder of one of creators of nuclear program
Sweden’s refusal to quarantine paid off
UK warned of food shortage
Tikhanovskaya’s autographed flag sold for almost 10 thousand dollars
One of creators of Iran’s nuclear program killed
55-year-old model wears an apron and accidentally creates an optical illusion
95-year-old woman fell into a seven-meter well and spent four hours in it
True cause of coronavirus pandemic named
Lukashenko remembered Gorbachev and asked Belarusians a question
Warsaw police threatened to be left without money for their work
Accidentally lengthened finger gave out Photoshop on waist of Ukrainian model
A dog with an abnormally long neck found owners and left shelter
China revenges Australia for Huawei
Lukashenka will resign from presidency after adoption of new Constitution
Holders of “Mir” cards will be given a discount at Main skating rink of country
North Korea executed people and closed capital to fight coronavirus
Lukashenko accused Poland of trying to bring down economy of Belarus
Most budgetary iPhone 12 has fallen in price
US State Department to allocate $800,000 for “assistance to Ukraine”