Live News Timeline

Russia declared support of international law and peace
Title – Engineer: In Research Institute of PM, defense of graduates of MGTU graduates took place. Bauman
Trump accused China in destruction of proof of COVID-19 leakage from laboratory
Dead in prison Creator McAfee left a message in case of death
Five people were injured in collapse of a pedestrian bridge in Washington
In United States recorded about 500 cases of myocarditis after American vaccine
In United States commented on timing of withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan
Products cheap in Russia
Philippines arranged a “public execution” of luxury supercars
Zakharova doubted strength of friendship of United States and Germany
Price of oil broke next record
Merkel called on to organize a meeting of Putin with leaders of European Union
Baikonur is preparing for launch of ONEWEB spacecraft
World Central Banks will help in struggle for money of future
Blinken stated US best friend
Tens of millions of people predicted hunger
A new “Supercruster” Coronavirus
Zakharova declared new sanctions against Belarus by lawlessness
CB called to prepare for a new crisis
Scientists declared a way to return color early to hair without paint
Banks wanted to prevent spending on ecosystems
Kazakhstan will introduce compulsory vaccination against Covid-19
Spain demanded resignation of premiere for pardon of separatists
South Korea began confiscation cryptocurrency
Roscosmos on Milex-2021
Oasis consortium approved OpenDocument 1.3 as a standard
European Union will compete with Hungarian law against LGBT
BRAVE project began testing his own search engine
On eastern “package” of Rocket “Soyuz-2” for sixth commercial start
United States worked out massive blows across Russia on exercises
Premier Hungary canceled a trip to Germany because of scandal with LGBT
WHO inspected production of “SHIPP V”
In United States declared “unusual demonstration of power” by Russia
German companies stated “North Stream-2” indispensable to Germany
Belorussia was announced by a springboard for battle for wealth of Russia
Germany was indignant because of ban to highlight a football stadium with flowers LGBT
Attempted diversion is revealed in organization of atomic energy Iran
In US, they revealed “state” target of Navy of Russia in Pacific Ocean
Germany wanted to invest billions of euros
Gref said three vital skills
Microsoft has become more expensive than two trillion dollars
Cost of iPhone 13 is declassified
A typical victim of financial fraudsters is described
Belarus to strengthen defense
NASA teach astronauts to wash clothes in space
Development of electric vehicles in Russia rose by two times
Psychologists have declared cause of premature death of married men
Updating free antivirus package ClamAV 0.103.3