Live News Timeline

World Cup in Qatar: from Strasbourg to Paris, these cities which refuse to broadcast World Cup
Former German accused Angela Merkel receives Nansen Prize for United Nations for refugees
Nobel of Physics rewards Alain Aspect, pioneer of “second quantum revolution”
Employees of Camaïeu occupy headquarters of brand in Roubaix
Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 awarded to French Alain aspect
Germany: energetician Rwe will close his coal power plants by 2030
Eric Dupond-Moretti believes that his resignation “is not on agenda”
Winter games in desert: Saudi Arabia designated to host Asian winter games 2029
“brilliant” success of Ukrainian offensives
Issue of GIT 2.38 source management system
Financial markets: European Central Bank is launching a “global warning” on systemic risks
Pyongyang shooting of a ballistic missile above Japan exacerbates tensions in East Asia
Justice: “exemplary republic” in danger
Julien Bayou: “We must not confuse feminism and maccarthysm”
One year in prison sentence required against Jean-Christophe Lagarde, tried for suspicions of fictitious employment
Cosmic user environment will use iCED instead of GTK
Iran: guide Ali Khamenei comes out of his silence to support repression
Changes are adopted in Linux 6.1 core that provide support for Rust
“Sailing” influencers on social networks
“French fractures”: environment, a major issue in concerns of French
“French fractures”: war in Ukraine awakens European feeling among French
“French fractures”: contrasting portrait of an angry country
Available by Eric Dupond-Moretti and Alexis Kohler: Emmanuel Macron is betting on trivialization of business
Bankruptcy of polls is also work of a “sabotage” organized at top of State
Taken by time, RTL Group throws in towel and renounces sale of its participation in M6 group
In National Assembly, government confirms its support for Ukraine and aims at RN and LFI
Several large cities refuse to broadcast 2022 Football World Cup
Central European countries want to close Balkan migration road
Indictment of Alexis Kohler for “illegal taking of interest”
After failure of merger with TF1, Bertelsmann group finally renounces to yield M6
Julien Bayou’s ex-partner officially seizes EELV’s internal cell against violence made
After passage of Hurricane Ian, “I will never come back to live in Florida again”
Murderous jostling in Indonesia: sanctioned police officers, NGOs ask for an independent investigation
Brigitte Henriques, president of French Olympic and Sports Committee
Escape game, bowling, laser game, minigolf… these shopping centers that reopens without shops
Release of IceWM 3.0.0 window manager with support support
Belgium: Minister of Justice under high protection
Demonstrations in Iran: first reactions of Ayatollah Khamenei after three weeks of silence
According to Sweden, gas has stopped escaping from North Stream 1, but not from North Stream 2
Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded to Svante Pääbo, decryptor of Neanderthal genome
Unemployment insurance: a third of eligible people do not use it
Burkina Faso: Who is Ibrahim Traoré, self -proclaimed head of state?
Secretary general of Elysée, Alexis Kohler, indicted for illegal taking of interests
Salaries of French teachers in career of career lower than those of OECD average
Laurent Guimier, information director of France Télévisions, leaves his duties
Wife of deputy LFI Adrien Quatennens filed a complaint
Mondial in Qatar: “Participate is not endorse, unless we just participate”
Pegasus: in Mexico, new victims of spy software despite promises of power