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MP Meyer Habib targeted by an investigation for “embezzlement of public funds”
Surgeon who had tried to sell radio of survivor of November 13 sentenced to fine
2022 World Cup: what is fate of first of each hen for rest of competition
“Annie anger”: before Veil law of 1975, reinvention of woman in struggle for right to abortion
Great Britain will oblige social networks to introduce rules for filtering content
Afghanistan: at least sixteen people killed during attack in Koranic school
Hottest year 2022 was ever measured in France, announces Météo-France
Spanish police liquidated group of cybercriminals that earned more than 12 million euros in fraud
SNCF controllers’ strike: 60 % of TGVs and intercités canceled between Friday and Sunday
America was completely banned by Tiktok
Altruism from world of certification: Let’s Encrypt has released more than 3 billion certificates for free
Faced with protests, China threatens and sends weak opening signals
“The high school student”: director Christophe Honoré makes sentimental education remedy for death
Issue Cryptsetup 2.6 with support for FileVault2 encryption mechanism
Complaints for sexual violence outside family framework increased by 24 % in 2021
Brussels, an extraordinary trial opens to judge 2016 attacks
Chinese question is essential for NATO and Europeans
Internet archive launched search engine of scientific articles
Inflation stabilizes, but begins to weigh on household consumption
Issue Wayland-Protocols 1.31
Apple starts testing Rapid Security Response Update system
Sarthe: family of farmers makes straws to drink in rye
Update Firefox 107.0.1
Jiang Zemin, former president of People’s Republic of China, died
India court ordered Telegram to reveal personal data of users
Estonia: NATO Cyber Coalition 2022 Cyber Cyberus began
Unwanted double bass on SNCF trains
Demonstrations in China: clashes burst between demonstrators and police in Canton
In English Channel, 240 migrants were rescued by French authorities in twenty-four hours
Literary prize: Writers finally break glass ceiling
ORACLE Linux 9.1 distribution release release
Data stolen from Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Council disseminated online
Private Japanese mission takes off for moon
Source code of game of adventure of Captain Blade is opened
In United States, Emmanuel Macron in non-aligned ally
United States: Senate votes law protecting homosexual marriage throughout country
Twitter ended his policy of fighting disinformation on COVVI-19
Assault of Capitol: two members of militia of Oath Keepers recognized as guilty of “sedition”
2022 World Cup: In suffocating climate, United States eliminates Iran
“Uber files”: Insoumise France will exercise its right of draw to create commission of inquiry
2022 World Cup: Winners of Iran, United States will find Netherlands in round of 16
2022 World Cup: Marcus Rashford sends English in round of 16
Renaud Muselier officially joins Renaissance, presidential party
“Anti -fascist” game withdrawn from Fnac site: brand finally puts it back on shelves
Stéphanie Freppart designated to be first woman central referee of match in male competition
Representatives of five religions demonstrate in Paris against mega oil project of totalnergies in Africa
Belarus: opponent Maria Kolesnikova hospitalized “in intensive care”, according to her relatives
“Reporterre” media denounces new obstacle to freedom to inform