Anthony Blinken becomes new US Secretary of State

The US Senate has supported the candidacy proposed by President Joe Biden for the post of Secretary of State. Anthony Blinken is the new leading American diplomat, Reuters reports.

78 members of the Senate voted for him, 22 against. According to the results of the vote, he got the opportunity to take the oath as Secretary of State – and did not fail to do so.

Blinken, like many other members of the new administration, has long worked with Democratic President Biden. In particular, he was the second person in the State Department during the presidency of Barack Obama – Biden was then vice president.

Biden’s administration is the most ethnically diverse in the history of the American state: every second manager appointed by him belongs to the representatives of the colored population. For the first time, an African American became the head of the Pentagon. For the first time a non-white woman took the post of vice-president – Kamala Harris is of Indian and Negro descent.

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