Revelation about state of health of former ambassador of Switzerland, who was implanted by “Sputnik V”

The official representative of the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the Geneva office of the UN, Paola Ceresetti, spoke about the well-being of the ex-Ambassador of Switzerland Yves Rossier, who was vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. RIA Novosti reports her words.

Ceresetti said the former ambassador is doing well. He had no side effects after vaccination.

The fact that Yves Rossier was grafted with “Sputnik V” became known earlier. Together with him, several other employees of the Swiss diplomatic service were vaccinated. In addition to Rossier, Italian Ambassador Pasquale Terracciano and Indian Ambassador Venkatesh Varma were vaccinated with the Russian vaccine.

Rossier completed his work in Russia in December 2020. He has been the head of the Swiss diplomatic mission since 2017. Christina Marty Lang is now taking his place.

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