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Europe called Trump a man of past
Russians revealed fate of COVID-19 in 2021
Pushkov stated collapse of civil peace in USA
Revelation about Trump’s attempt to have mercy on himself
Pelosi called storming of Capitol a gift to Putin
In Wuhan predicted a new epidemic of coronavirus
Onishchenko reveals future of WHO’s decision on origin of coronavirus in China
Number of policemen injured due to riots in Washington determined
Trump was given an ultimatum
U.S. Secretary of Transportation resigns over riots
Biden blames Trump for starting riots in Washington
Fate of Capitol police officer who shot at woman-veteran is revealed
Number of people arrested after storming of Capitol is
Doctors admit possibility of need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 every six months
Bitcoin price breaks record again
Washington mayor calls storming of Capitol terrorism
Trump was prepared to impeach
Mother of Sergei Skripal died
Russian hacker extradited to USA sentenced to 12 years in prison
FBI asked Americans to find participants in storming of Capitol
Elon Musk received title of richest man in world
Gorbachev announced threat to United States because of riots in Washington
Trump’s Russia adviser resigns
Elon Musk approached title of richest man in world
Twitter did not tell about Trump’s blocking time
Trump pledges orderly transfer of power to Biden
Denmark called timing of resumption of work on “Nord Stream-2”
Zelenskiy calls riots in Washington unprecedented violence
Scientists have found signs of a chronic disease in coronavirus
Ukrainian police started checking rumors about clandestine VIP vaccinations
Virologist named ideal time for vaccination against coronavirus
Russian Foreign Ministry responded to storming of US Capitol
WHO assessed spread of a new strain of coronavirus in Europe
Lukashenka threatened Belarusians with loss of everything
Iraqi court issues arrest warrant for Trump
Details of preparations for Putin’s visit to Damascus disclosed
Performance of finalists of competition for young musicians “Constellation” has been announced
Putin assured of FSB’s ability to protect Russia from threats from Syria
Nutritionists have named danger of popular winter drinks
Rospotrebnadzor announced stabilization of situation with coronavirus in Russia
Shoigu compared Putin’s visit to Damascus with “a thriller worse than Hollywood”
Trump’s reaction to Biden’s approval by president revealed
US Congress approved election of Biden as president amid riots
23 541 new cases of coronavirus infection detected in Russia per day
Ukrainian nationalist said about demoralized military
Putin addressed Russians at Christmas
Cancer-Preventing Drink Revealed
Four people killed during protests in Washington