Elon Musk approached title of richest man in world

The head of Tesla Elon Musk can become the richest man in the world by selecting the title of the founder Amazon Jeff Bezos . Bloomberg reports.

According to the rating Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Musk is in second place among the richest people planet, lagging behind the top of the list of Bezos by only three billion dollars. The fortune of the head of Tesla exceeded $ 181 billion. This happened amid a sharp rise in Tesla shares.

December 30 it was reported that Tesla’s dominance in China was under threat .

In July 2020 it became known that Bezos’s fortune grew in day July 20 for a record $ 13 billion. The billionaire was able to set a new record thanks to the fact that Amazon shares soared by 7.9 percent in a day, and by 73 percent in a year. Then Bezos’s fortune was estimated at 189 billion dollars