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Cosmetologist made lip plastics to a Russian woman and disfigured her
US Ambassador rejects offer to be vaccinated with Russian vaccine
More than a million Russian pensioners owe debt to banks
Ministry of Education will declare December 30 and 31 as days off for pedagogical universities
Peskov called Zelensky’s “huge mistake” who offended Putin
Peskov announced 20 years of attacks on president
Peskov explained Putin’s plans to be vaccinated against coronavirus
Work of rescuers is highly valued at CPC
Kremlin announced that Russian economy has fallen due to pandemic
Peskov called sanctions against Nord Stream 2 a raider attack
Libya: Turkey threatens to respond to any attack on its forces by Marshal Haftar
Russia announced development of an analogue of Trump’s drug
Russian doctors give advice on accelerating recovery from coronavirus
Eight-year-old Russian woman died while riding a slide
Police came to illegal corporate office of mayor’s office of Russian city
Implication of France in “information war” in Africa causes a stir
Guyana: Montagne d’or mining project relaunched by courts
George Blake, British double agent who spied for Soviets, is dead
Russian soldier broke his friend’s jaw due to being late in a cafe
Russian soldier accidentally fired a cannon at Detsky Mir store
Russian doctor named an unobvious cause of headache in morning
Pirog : Mikaël Petrossian’s recipe
Navalny case: an opponent prosecuted for “threat” against a suspected FSB agent
Driver of minibus drove a Russian woman with a disability in cold for slowness
Russia wanted to charge companies for foreign workers
Russian daily claims Saakashvili having affair with deputy of Zelensky party
RKS Development will increase reliability and life of Russian satellites
Epidemiologist explained errors of tests for COVID-19 in Russia
Putin congratulated Sanda on winning presidential elections in Moldova
55th anniversary of launch of Venera-3 interplanetary station
Rospotrebnadzor explained incidence of coronavirus in regions of Russia
Kremlin reacted to lockdown in Buryatia
Kremlin commented on results of presidential elections in Moldova
Russian pensioner removed eight-kilogram tumor that interfered with walking
Russians began to ask collectors for help more often
Doctors gave recommendations on lung recovery after COVID-19
Macron sees UN Security Council as useless
Russians did not cut wages during coronavirus
Mishustin announced reform of management system in Russia
Schoolchildren to prepare for exam despite pandemic
Record 22,778 coronavirus infections registered in Russia per day
Russia: 303 patients with coronavirus died per day
Immunologist named a way to stop coronavirus pandemic in two weeks
Conference on remote sensing of Earth to be held this month
17 Americans received state awards in Russia
Syrian Foreign Minister dies
Doctor spoke about general features of spread of coronavirus and Spanish flu
First region in Russia introduced a lockdown