Live iran updates

Europe warned of “last chance” to keep nuclear deal with Iran
Participants in deal with Iran declared their readiness to support return of United States
“Iranian Angelina Jolie” released after 10 years in prison
Daughter of killed by Americans Suleimani considered Trump a monster and compared to Biden
Special agent got out of control and dragged British intelligence into a scandal
Canadian minister refuses to believe Iran’s statements about Boeing crash
Iran reveals possible way of revenge for murder of nuclear physicist
Iran warns Biden of unwillingness to discuss missile program
France reacted to execution of Iranian journalist
“Iranian Angelina Jolie” jailed for 10 years
US military stepped up combat readiness due to possible Iranian attack
Iran refuses to pay compensation to Ukraine for downed Boeing-737
Iranian arrested those involved in murder of a nuclear physicist
Iran confirms assumptions about method of killing nuclear physicist
Iran vows to punish those responsible for downed Ukrainian Boeing before anniversary of event
Number of people infected with coronavirus in Iran exceeded one million people
Iran on revenge after assassination of nuclear physicist
U.S. evacuates Baghdad embassy in anticipation of Tehran’s retaliation
Trump gave US Iran policy to Pompeo
Iran will resume nuclear activities
Biden plans to re-establish nuclear deal with Iran
Iranian physicist’s murder weapon named
Photographer took model against background of Egyptian pyramids and went on trial
Possible reasons for killing of an Iranian nuclear physicist revealed
Iran reveals details of weapons firing at nuclear physicist
Iran claims Israeli-US conspiracy to kill nuclear physicist
Senior IRGC commander killed in Syria drone strike: intelligence
Iran named responsible for assassination of nuclear physicist
Full picture of assassination of an Iranian nuclear physicist has been restored
Possible origin of Iranian nuclear physicist’s murder weapon revealed
Britain reacts to assassination of Iranian nuclear physicist
Turkish Foreign Ministry condemns killing of Iranian nuclear physicist
Assassination of Iranian nuclear physicist linked to Biden’s plans
US intelligence points to Israel for killing Iranian nuclear physicist
Iran vows revenge for murder of nuclear physicist
Iran accuses Israel of killing creator of nuclear program
Iran warns Israel and US against “adventures” after assassination of a nuclear physicist
Israeli trace found in killing Iranian nuclear programmaker
Iran has promised revenge for murder of one of creators of nuclear program
One of creators of Iran’s nuclear program killed
Israel began preparations for a US strike on Iran
Greek tanker exploded off coast of Saudi Arabia
Described results of Israeli strikes on Syria
Saudi Arabia decided to reconcile US and Iran
Houthis announced rocket fire at Saudi Aramco facility
US sent strategic bombers to Middle East
Three soldiers killed after Israel’s missile strike on Syria
Trump wanted to designate Houthis as terrorists