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Number of cases of coronavirus infection in world exceeded 85 million
Collapsed crematorium roof killed 20 Indians attending funeral
Morgue jobs run out amid California coronavirus
Covid-19 around world: India authorizes two vaccines, Saudi Arabia reopens its borders
India announces isolation of “British” strain of coronavirus
Futurologist predicted new pandemics for world
Lisbon takes over from Berlin as rotating presidency of European Union
WHO named target of coronavirus
Couple went for a walk on beach and found a sperm whale vomit for 600 thousand dollars
WHO explained creation of a database of vaccinated against coronavirus
Pushkov responded to Ukrainian minister who called vaccine a hybrid weapon
Ukraine calls Russian coronavirus vaccine hybrid weapon
Multispectral scanning devices for hydrometeorological satellites
Men with sticks and firecrackers rescued a dog from leopard teeth
2020: 50 journalists were killed around world, majority in countries at peace
Programmer explained losing 23 kilograms in four months
Monkey took man’s bag with 400 thousand and threw them from tree
WHO warns of new pandemics
Guyana: Montagne d’or mining project relaunched by courts
Coronavirus-infected teacher escapes from doctors by train
Woman has lost 101 kilograms and has changed beyond recognition
COVID-19 Patient Kills Elderly Ward Roommate Over Prayer
Severely ill woman lost medical care due to skin color and died
Deputy filed for divorce due to decision of his wife to leave for another party
Girl went to toilet at night and died in teeth of a lion
Woman lost 33 kilograms after pregnancy and revealed a way to lose weight
Sniper shot dead leopard-eater that killed 12 people
Woman with coronavirus was jealous of her husband and tried to infect him with spitting
Apple punished iPhone manufacturer’s factory that stopped giving wages to workers
Man-eating leopard killed 12 people in 35 days and eluded a sniper
Groom died on wedding day due to lack of alcohol
California overtook Germany, India and Britain in new COVID-19 cases
US accused Google and Facebook of conspiracy
Air pollution has been named cause of death of a child in London
US pledged to monitor China and yuan
Shark tore off a tourist’s leg
Biden invited former rival to government
Nokia has released its first laptop
Electors in several American states decide on a new president
Student explained losing weight by 20 kilograms in five months
Rejected man kills a woman and her father after a failed date
Son received a surprise from his father who died six years ago and touched hundreds of people
Crocodile killed woman washing clothes in front of her mother
World economy was promised problems
Coronavirus hotbed after execution in prison
Everest’s real height named
Crocodile killed a farmer near a ritual facility for dead
Angry bear killed four people and injured three more