Athlete fired from work over leaked nude pictures

A National Football League (NFL) cheerleader revealed that she was fired from her job because of her candid photos leaked. The relevant material is published by the Daily Mail.

28-year-old Kristin Elise from Austin, USA, has been on the Indianapolis Stallions cheerleading team for about a year. At the same time, since 2016, she has been selling photos in bikinis and underwear on the OnlyFans online platform, whose users get access to content for a fee.

The girl managed to combine these activities until an anonymous user posted nude photos of the athlete on the Reddit platform.

“I liked the opportunity to dance and support one of my favorite teams, to realize myself and be a part of this organization. However, towards the end of the season I was fired because my nude photos were leaked to the network,” the heroine of the material said. adding, this ended her career in sports.

However, Elise noted that she takes full responsibility for what happened and does not blame the NFL for such a decision, since she really violated the rules and principles of the organization. According to the girl, now she is going to pursue a modeling career. “Even though I was really upset that I had to end my career in a support group, I feel much stronger and more confident as I can now focus on running my own business,” she concluded.

Earlier in February, the lawyer quit her job and became famous thanks to such photos. 26-year-old Letizia Andrade worked in the field of forensics, but she always dreamed of making money using social networks. So, Andrade became a popular Instagram model and began uploading candid pictures.

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