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Family of ruler of Dubai explains disappearance of his daughter
In USA talked about “game-changing” missile Su-57
“Kalashnikov” to attract buyers with a high-tech shotgun
Ruler of Dubai imprisoned his daughter for two years
China pushed US out of European market
Rihanna’s bare-chested image pisses off religious fans
Athlete fired from work over leaked nude pictures
WHO approves AstraZeneca vaccine
EU called end date for mass vaccination
Monitoring of emergency zones
Permanent Representative of Russia to EU explained “epiphany” of West regarding “Sputnik V”
EU told about failures in mass vaccination
China and India began to separate troops in disputed territory
16 more Russian TV channels blocked in Latvia
Pentagon explained joint exercises of Russia, China and India
Date of end of pandemic is predicted
European Union explained difficulties with production of vaccines against coronavirus
Reason for high infectivity of new strain of coronavirus has been
Italy’s coronavirus vaccination threatened
Situation with vaccines against coronavirus in European Union compared to chaos
European Commission approves use of third coronavirus vaccine in EU market
Brazil warned of “mega-epidemic”
10 richest people in world have used money at UN
World Health Organization Confirms 100 Million Coronavirus Infections
Effectiveness of “Arbidol” against COVID-19 is confirmed in drug’s instructions
Revelation about state of health of former ambassador of Switzerland, who was implanted by “Sputnik V”
Head of AstraZeneca admits disruption of supply of Covid-19 vaccine
Number of coronavirus infections in world reaches 100 million
Anthony Blinken becomes new US Secretary of State
India permanently blocks TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps
Singapore demanded to lift ban on sex between men
Thousands of believers watched broadcast of service in Kogalym
More than 20 soldiers injured in new battles between India and China
Revelation about disruption of supply of AstraZeneca vaccine to Europe
Pentagon is first headed by an African American
Consequences of entry into force of Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
Palm oil has risen in price at a record
Tesla predicted problems with conquest of Asia
India will buy from Russia 21 MiG-29 and 12 Su-30MKI
Revelation about first deaths among those vaccinated with Indian vaccine
Boris Johnson announced G7 summit in person
Hundreds of treasure hunters began excavating after rumors of treasures
Ten newborns died in hospital fire
Peasants brought body of a neighbor to bank in order to get money for his cremation
Russia to supply 2 million doses of coronavirus vaccine to Serbia
Covid-19: Boris Johnson announces total reconfinement of England
Covid-19 around world: state of emergency considered in Tokyo, limited gatherings in South Korea
Russian doctor predicted timing of improvement of situation with coronavirus in world