Ruler of Dubai imprisoned his daughter for two years

The ruler of Dubai, Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed ibn Rashid Al Maktoum two years ago imprisoned and has been keeping her daughter, Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed ibn Rashid Al Maktoum, who was trying to flee the country. She herself told about this in a secretly filmed video for a documentary film on the BBC TV channel. The footage provided by the British broadcast was published by the American CNN.

In the video, a 35-year-old woman says that she is being held in a villa turned into a prison – a prisoner guarded by 30 police officers cannot even open any of the windows. She is constantly alone and, according to her, does not have access to medical care.

She was last seen in public in 2018 – on a yacht off the coast of India. After that, there was a joint raid by the secret services of India and the UAE, with the help of which the security forces returned the princess back to Dubai. It is clarified that this was her second attempt to escape: the first she made back in 2002, as a teenager.

After that, in December 2018, the UN Commissioner for Human Rights, former President of Ireland Mary Robinson visited her. Robinson concluded that the princess was not in danger, but then explained that Latifa’s relatives had convinced her that she was suffering from bipolar disorder and was dangerous to herself.

As CNN recalls, the Dubai ruler has previously returned home his fugitive daughter: his eldest daughter by another wife, Sheikh Shams, was kidnapped in London after fleeing and forcibly returned to the UAE.

/Media reports.