Rihanna’s bare-chested image pisses off religious fans

Rihanna’s outspoken image of American pop singer and entrepreneur has angered Indian netizens. The corresponding discussion unfolded under the celebrity’s publication in Twitter .

The 32-year-old singer poses in purple satin shorts from her own brand Savage X Fenty. She was captured with bare breasts, which in the photo she covers with her hand. The image of Rihanna was complemented by massive jewelry, but the attention of netizens was drawn to a specific pendant with a pendant in the shape of the god Ganesha. In the Hindu religion, a creature with an elephant’s head and a human body symbolizes wisdom and well-being, and is also considered a deliverer from suffering.

Subscribers from India began to blame the singer for insulting their culture. “It is very disrespectful to wear this symbol in this way. (…) Sorry Riri, you have disappointed me and many others”, “Rihanna! Stop using my religion for aesthetics! The Ganesha figurine on a pendant … For us Indians, this is sacred figure “,” I hate the fact that she uses our religion for damn aesthetics “,” Wearing this necklace depicting a Hindu deity is a clear cultural appropriation. My culture is not your aesthetics, “they were indignant.

In October 2020, Muslims watched Rihanna’s fashion show and were offended by the composition Doom by French singer and producer Kuku Chloe used in it. The song includes a remix of a hadith, a legend about the words and actions of the Prophet Muhammad and his closest associates. The singer’s fans expressed their displeasure on Twitter.

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