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In US, they called for non-share technologies with Russia and China
Russia was in top five leaders in military expenditures
Millions of Americans refused second vaccination from Coronavirus
India reported “Coronavirus Storm” after a new world record
Leaders in number of COVID-19 clashes
Britain apologized for hundreds of thousands of forgotten victims of First World War
India after identifying a new strain of Covid-19 installed a record for infection
Oncoboles in Russia began to buy medicines for their money more often
Furnaces began to melt due to number of burned corpses in India
State Department will expand list of prohibited countries
China: saw a threat to state vehicle due to coal
Jonathan Carter re-elected for post leader Debian project
A black nurse doubted skin of Kamaly Harris’s skin and to kill her
A new dangerous Covid-19 strain found in Britain
In Smartphones Xiaomi found marriage
Husband did not believe story of his wife about rape his friends and beat her
Relatives raped a six-year-old girl in front of a three-year brother
In Brazil found a new dangerous strain of Covid-19
Tens of millions of people left and stopped being middle class
Russia: counted 117 dollar billionaires
Lavrov explained plan to resume work of “Moscow Format” in Afghanistan
Special forces fell into ambush to Maoists rebels and died
Biden commented on situation with CPP of Capitol
Revelation about connection of CPP of Capitol with “Nation of Islam”
Number of new COVID-19 cases in world has reached record indicators
Detected “causing fear” new predatory dinosaur
World Bank “declared” debtors in Russia
In Czech Republic, found a new strain of Covid-19
Canada: warned about thrombach due to Astrazeneca vaccine
Dmitry Rogozin met with Indian cosmonauts in Russia
Scientists have discovered connection between blood group and heart attack
Most rare modification of Russian T-90C noticed in India
Britain responded to threats of European Union Block Vaccine Exports from COVID-19
Pakistan Prime Minister was given by Chinese vaccine and fell ill Covid-19
Xiaomi smartphone criticized for fragility
Technological companies began to flee from China
Politician criticized lover of ripped jeans and was wrapped on network
Transgender model poses topless for magazine cover
Microbes unknown to science discovered on ISS
China has jeopardized attempts to make world cleaner
In United States, a Native American woman became a minister for first time
United States widened gap with Russia in arms trade
Russia remains second largest arms dealer in world after United States
Revelation about underestimation of mortality from COVID-19 in United States
12 US states file a lawsuit against Biden
Judge suggested rapist to marry victim-schoolgirl to avoid sentence
Jeep thinks about name change due to Indians
Number of all billionaires in world is