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“The endless extension of zero covid objective in China has very heavy human and economic cost”
China abandons, de facto, its zero covid policy
COVID-19: China announces general relaxation of health rules
Archeology: “Aurige de Delphs” delivers its last secrets
Nuclear: EDF received delivery of enriched reprocessing uranium from Russia
COVID-19: Are you eligible for second vaccine recall?
China begins exit from zero covid policy
War in Ukraine: on arms deliveries, Berlin “lack of political will”
Belgium embarrassed by delivery of armaments to United Kingdom
China: silence of power in face of increasingly political demonstrations against zero covid strategy
China is experiencing an unprecedented outbreak of zero covid policy
China: In Shanghai, hundreds of young people demonstrate against “zero covid” policy after Urumqi’s drama
China: riots in main iPhone factory in world reveal limits of zero covid
Sport-health: those around them, powerful lever to move more
France announces new deliveries of arms to Ukraine
COVID-19: Insurrection scenes are increasing in China against health policy
At Assizes of Mathematics, CNRS considers “very worrying” health of discipline in France
COVID-19: European Union approves for first time Sanofi vaccine
Delivering of Linux nucleus from code changing behavior for processes starting on symbol X
Refusing to deliver unlock code of your phone may be an offense, depending on Court of Cassation
In addition to COVVI-19 and seasonal flu, pharmacists can now administer dozen vaccines
Iran admits having delivered drones to Russia before start of war in Ukraine
Denmark: uncertain legislative elections in a context of health crisis
Multiple impacts of global warming on human health
Criminal trial of asbestos health scandal should open at end of 2023, twenty-six years after
Port of mask, vaccine reminders, tests: first recommendations of Covars
European Union is held in three days to sanction Iran after delivery of drones to Russia
European Commission buries plan to ban substances toxic to health and environment
Ebola in Uganda: 29 dead, worries of WHO in face of ineffectiveness of vaccines
Breast cancers: a new study highlights impact of air pollution
Successor to scientific council, monitoring and anticipation committee of health risks has revealed
Well -bred, healthy, delicate: when vinegar has everything
Government favorable at a price of 3 euros for delivery of books
China: a bus accident, symbol of drifts of zero covid politics, triggers anger of citizens
COVID-19: Green light in France for vaccines adapted to omicron subvariants
COVID-19: High Authority for Health gives its authorization to three vaccines adapted to Omicron variant
Quebec health system, an exception in North America, free but “asphyxiated”
Perinatal health: Public Health Agency France is sounding alarm
Gérard Collomb announces that he is suffering from stomach cancer
War in Ukraine: kyiv Press Berlin to accelerate arms deliveries
How fine particles trigger lung cancers in non-smokers
United Kingdom suspended from state of health of Queen Elizabeth II
Absenteeism: concern on mental health of employees
Malaria: results of a vaccine arouse hope of a massive deployment
Vladimir Putin threatens to no longer deliver either oil or gas if prices are capped by European Union
Positive or negative at covid without having been tested: imbroglio of data between Si-Dep and medical file
Brigitte Autran, president of new health risk anticipation committee
COVID-19: Moderna files a complaint against pfizer-biontech for patent violation concerning their vaccine