COVID-19: Insurrection scenes are increasing in China against health policy

In Canton (Guangzhou), the authorities announced on Monday an extension of the confinement put in place since an epidemic rebound in October.

Le Monde with AFP

In China, voices continue to rise against strict health policy in Beijing. In Canton (Guangzhou), in the south of the country, residents exasperated by zero covid policy faced the police after the extension of a confinement, according to videos posted on Monday, November 14 and verified by the AFP.

Since an epidemic rebound in October, part of the 18 million inhabitants of this large metropolis have been the subject of travel restrictions. The district of Haizhu, where around 1.8 million people live, is the one that concentrates most of the positive cases.

Monday, the authorities decided to extend a confinement in force until Wednesday evening in most of the district. Videos posted online in the evening show hundreds of inhabitants demonstrate in the street . Some, in small groups, cut the large plastic barriers which are used to confine buildings or neighborhoods.

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On other images turned in the district of Haizhu , demonstrators attack agents in full white protection combination. “We no longer want tests!” They chant, while some people launch objects on the police. Another video shows a man crossing the river that separates Haizhu from the neighboring district. Passers -by suggests that the individual tries to escape confinement.

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Access to care complicated by health restrictions

Manifestations in China are less frequent than in West and above all less publicized. But social networks regularly echo in recent months of scenes exasperation of the population faced with the inflexible health policy of the authorities. The latter consists in particular in confinements from the appearance of a few cases, restrictions on travel and PCR tests sometimes almost daily.

广州 康乐村 居民 暴动 , 推翻 警车。。 坦克 出动 了 吧。。。

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Number of Chinese complain about these unexpected restrictions, which in some cases cause food shortages and complicate access to care for confined persons. At the beginning of the month, the Chinese authorities apologized after the death of a 3 -year -old child, intoxicated with carbon monoxide. In a message published on the Internet and then erased, his father accused the agents responsible for the application of confinement of having hampered his access to the hospital. In April, during the containment of Shanghai, residents had faced police officers who came to force them to give up their apartments to isolate positive people to the coronavirus.

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