China: a bus accident, symbol of drifts of zero covid politics, triggers anger of citizens

Many comments were published on social networks after the death of twenty-seven people, considered as contacts, during their transfer, at night and in poor conditions, to a quarantine center.


Despite the quasi-seat of official media, the bus accident which, on a motorway from the Guizhou province, in southwest China, caused the death of twenty-seven passengers and injured them Twenty others, on the night of Saturday September 17 to Sunday September 18, scandalizes the population. The subject has been seen more than 600 million times on social networks. These passengers were indeed people a priori in perfect health but who were sent in quarantine, more than 200 kilometers from their home, because they lived in Yunyan, a district of Guyang, the regional capital, where positive cases of Covid-19 had been reported. They were therefore, according to Chinese terminology, direct or indirect contact cases.

Although buses’ circulation is prohibited between 2 hours and 5 hours in these mountainous regions, the accident occurred at 2:40 am. It is therefore that the authorities did not hesitate to overcome each other of their own rules by evacuating people overnight in the name of the zero covid strategy.

Furthermore, photos show the bus with the driver with a full combination, a mask and a protective visor. Many Internet users wonder how it is possible to drive a bus with such equipment. Especially since in these buses, in the name of zero covid policy, it is prohibited to open the windows, to put the air conditioning and of course to take the slightest break. A rumor claims that the authorities of Guyang had decided on September 16 to do everything to end the circulation of the virus before Monday 19. “Regional and local officials who have given the order to reach zero virus in three days are criminally responsible for the twenty-seven dead, “wrote a surfer. “This accident is dilapidating the confidence of all of society,” said a second. The accident is all the less accepted as the virus “only killed two people in the province of Guizhou” since 2020, recalls a third.

According to the authorities on Sunday, around 10,000 people were placed in these regional quarantine centers. Gao Yu, one of the leaders of the Caixin online media, posted on social networks a comment that could be worth trouble but sums up the fed up of the population: “Let’s go back, let’s go back to normal. We resolutely the systematic tests of the population, to zero covid and the closure of the country, “he wrote.

severe censorship

On the other hand, Hu Xijin, editorialist of the Global Times who tried, Sunday, to extinguish the fire by explaining that the accident of Zero Covid was necessary to dissociate himself, is severely insulted. Among the most popular comments, this one: “Hu Xijin, if you dare not criticize the authorities by expressing yourself in the name of the population, please, shut up. Why should it always be Do you lie to please the bad guys? “

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