Delivering of Linux nucleus from code changing behavior for processes starting on symbol X

Jason Donenfield (Jason A. Donenfeld), author of VPN Wireguard, I turned The attention of the developers to the Linux core of the Linux core, cheating behavior for processes, the name of which begins on the symbol “X” . At first glance, such corrections are usually used in routes to leave a hidden loophole in reference to the process, but the analysis showed that the change was added in 2019 to temporarily eliminate a pop -up violation of compatibility with the user space, in accordance with the principle that changes in the core should not Violation of compatibility with applications.

Problems arose when trying to use the mechanism atomic change in the video mode of the video mode In the XF86-Video-Modesetting DDX-Modesetting, which is used in the server, which was due to the attachment to processes starting on the “X” symbol (it was understood that bypass maneuve is applied to the “Xorg” process). Almost immediately, the problem in was eliminated (the use of the atomic API was disconnected by default), but The temporary correction was forgotten from the nucleus and an attempt to send the iOctl for an atomic change in the regime for all processes starting to the symbol “X” still continues to lead to the return of the error.

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