COVID-19: High Authority for Health gives its authorization to three vaccines adapted to Omicron variant

Like the agreement of the European Authority, the opinion of the HAS is favorable to the use in France of bivalent vaccines, which target as much the original strain of the virus as its most disseminated variant.

Le Monde with AFP

The High Authority for Health (HAS) announced, Tuesday, September 20, having given its authorization to the use of three vaccines against the COVID-19 adapted to the variant OMICRON for the new recall vaccination campaign provided for Fall and coupled with that against the flu.

This new dose of recall will be recommended for people at risk of severe form, those around them and caregivers. The HAS recommends “indifferently one of the three bivalent vaccines” – two drawn up by Pfizer -Biontech, the third by Moderna – recently validated by the European Medicines Agency.

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