War in Ukraine: kyiv Press Berlin to accelerate arms deliveries

Within his coalition, Olaf Scholz faces the demand “to do more”. The German Chancellor met on Tuesday with Vladimir Putin.


Once again, kyiv loses patience against Berlin. As he has already done on several occasions since the start of the war, the Ukrainian government has again accused Germany on Tuesday, September 13, its lack of military support: “Disappointing signals on the part of ‘Germany while Ukraine needs [tanks] Leopard and master now to release his people and save him from a genocide, “tweeted the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, before driving the point:” There is no rational argument explaining why such armaments cannot be delivered, only fears and abstract excuses. That Berlin fears that kyiv is not afraid? “

The Ukrainian government is not the only one to get impatient. Within his coalition, the Social Democratic Chancellor (SPD), Olaf Scholz, is pressed by his environmental and liberal partners (FDP) to accelerate arms deliveries in order to help Ukrainian troops in their reconquest of territories occupied by Russia.

“It’s not the time to procrastinate”

“It is now, before winter, that everything must be done to allow Ukraine to free himself. However, everyone knows, in government, that we could do more,” said The President of the Greens, Omid Nouripour, on Monday, in the daily Augsburger Allgemeine. “Now is not the time to procrastinate. Germany must immediately contribute to the success of Ukraine by providing armored combat vehicles of the Marder type and Leopard 2,” said the president of the Commission of the Defense, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP), Sunday, at the agency DPA.

To the reproaches of kyiv and his Ecologists and Liberal allies, Olaf Scholz replied, Monday, that the armaments provided by Germany since the start of the war – among which are in particular forty anti -aircraft gepard, ten armored businesses Pzh 2000 or three Multiple Mars II Multiple rocket launches – “have contributed to the fact that it is now possible to envisage a positive outcome to the battle which is led on the eastern front” of Ukraine.

Asked if Berlin was ready to deliver also Marder or Leopard combat tanks, the chancellor did not respond clearly. “From the start, the government has been on the same position, and it will not change in the future, that there is no isolated action on the part of Germany”, a- he said. His Minister of Defense, Christine Lambrecht, made the same answer by ensuring that the position of Germany on combat tanks was in line with that of his allies, especially American. “I did not have the feeling that the United States had changed their minds on the issue,” she said on Monday, referring to the meeting “Contact group on Ukraine”, which s ‘is held on September 8 on the German basis of Ramstein, in the presence in particular of the US Secretary for Defense, Lloyd Austin.

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