European Union is held in three days to sanction Iran after delivery of drones to Russia

The EU has notably targeted the chief of staff of the armies and the manufacturer Shahed aviation industries.


The European Union (EU) decided, Thursday, October 20, to sanction, three Iranian generals, including Mohammed Hossein Bagheri, the chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, as well as the manufacturer of drones Shahed Aviation Industries , who delivered his materials to Russia. This equipment has been used, for several weeks, extensively by Russian forces in Ukraine to bomb cities and civil infrastructure.

“The EU will also extend sanctions to two officials and two Iranian entities who have already been on previous sanctions lists,” said the Czech Presidency of the European Union on Twitter. If Ukraine praised the measure, Moscow called “unfounded conclusions” and “eccentric hypotheses that the United Kingdom and France try to build” the accusations that Russia uses Iranian drones for its offensive in Ukraine .

This speed is extremely rare at the level of the twenty-seven. “We decided these sanctions in record time, between the proposal made at the Union’s foreign affairs council and Thursday, 11:01 am, when the Union ambassadors endorsed the text,” said Eva Hrncirova, spokesperson for the Czech Presidency. The EU has gathered “enough evidence” showing that the drones used by Moscow have been provided by Tehran.

Wednesday, at the UN, Russia and Iran still denied these deliveries. According to AFP, the Russian diplomat responsible for defending his country has castigated “baseless accusations, conspiracy theories, and no evidence presented to the Security Council”. He said that drones “used by the Russian army in Ukraine [were] manufactured in Russia” and therefore, that they were not of Iranian origin. The Iranian ambassador has also swept “baseless allegations without substance” on this alleged transfer of drones between the two allies, and he repeated that his country wanted a “peaceful regulation” of the Ukrainian conflict.

In the field, the evidence collected by the Ukrainian army, which ensures that it has destroyed 223 Iranian drones since mid-September, seem to be at least questionable. Similarly, assures a European official manager, “the evidence provided by the intelligence services seem unequivocal”.

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This speed of action questions. Because, in terms of human rights, it took six weeks of negotiations between European ambassadors in Brussels to adopt, Monday, “restrictive measures” against eleven Iranian officials and the police of manners within the framework of the fierce repression which Defeat in Iran on the power contestation movement. And only three days for the issue of drone delivery.

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