“The endless extension of zero covid objective in China has very heavy human and economic cost”

This politico-ideological confrontation, Beijing wanted it. It was at the very beginning of the crisis due to the COVVI-19, in March-April 2020. Faced with the virus, the China of Xi Jinping displayed the superiority of its model of government. The episode gave him right, she said: autocracy prevails over democracy and alone allows the choice of ambitious zero covid policy. Today, the return of the boomerang is all the more devastating: sudden abandonment of the zero covid line under the pressure of intense demonstrations. The street has back up the party (CCC).

Admittedly, there had been late ignition and lack of transparency. China took a long time to warn of the arrival of the pandemic to Wuhan and to deliver all that it knew about this COVID-19. But, very quickly, the Party Staff reacted. It was equipped. China made masks, tests and, the first, it had vaccines. In the Western world, where permanent self -criticism is a way of living, once again was acquired to an old bobard conveyed with masochism: dictatorships are more effective than democracies.

The first react faster, no palaver, they bother neither parliamentary consultations nor an overflow of expertise. The seconds are slow, messy, cultivating divisions and unnecessary quarrels in the face of danger. What is more, this West in decline, yielding to the facilities of economic globalization, because convinced of the benefits of the division of labor, had gladly relocated some of its health industries in China.

A policy erected as an example

So she played the benefactors. A norria of Chinese planes delivered masks and tests to the most disadvantaged in countries. It is up to the heads of state concerned to rent and warmly thank, facing the cameras, the infinite goodness of President Xi Jinping.

At home, China made prowess. She erected a country hospital overnight. She completed ten, fifteen, twenty million people in a week. She was testing as much in forty-eight hours. Glory is returned to the Party and its leader, President XI. “Zero Covid” was a policy erected as an example – faced with the hesitations of the United States and Europe.

Personality cult obliges, success, it was said in Beijing, brought not only the mark of the superiority of the Chinese political system but also that of the infallibility of the president. At the end of October, on the 20th Congress of the PCC, the one who entrusted a third five -year term to Xi Jinping, paid tribute to the zero covid option, hailed as an outstanding performance of socialism with Chinese characteristics . President XI seemed more powerful than ever – hero of the Chinese people, almost tutelary of the overall south.

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