Secret VIP vaccination against COVID-19 confirmed in Ukrainian clinic

One of the employees of the Mediland clinic in Kiev confirmed to the journalist of that a secret VIP vaccination against COVID-19 is carried out at the institution.

The correspondent visited the clinic disguised as a client. A Mediland employee told her that there is a separate company that rents the clinic for vaccinations. “Indeed, we do a vaccine against coronavirus. But this is done by other doctors who come here specifically for vaccination. These are not just doctors, this is a whole company that deals with vaccines. They rent a room from us,” she said. >

The employee assured that there were no complaints of side effects from vaccinated clients. At the same time, according to her, there were “very many” vaccinated. “Everyone left alive, healthy and in a good mood. I haven’t heard anything bad. Otherwise, everyone would have known about it,” she added.

At the same time, when contacting the clinic by phone, when asked about the provision of vaccination services, employees answer that they do not know anything about it, the newspaper writes.

Earlier, reported that a number of Ukrainian top officials, politicians and businessmen have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus. However, the exact origin of the vaccine is unknown. According to the sellers, the original drug from BioNTech and Pfizer was used for vaccination. According to the journalists of the edition, the cost of one dose ranges from 1 to 3 thousand euros.

The fact that Ukrainian officials secretly purchase a vaccine produced by the American consortium Pfizer / BioNTech for distribution in narrow VIP circles, also told the head of the editorial board of the Obozrevatel portal Mikhail Brodsky . According to him, the vaccination, which consists of two injections, costs 2.5 thousand dollars. The drug was brought in on December 29 or 30 by a charter flight, probably as baggage, by persons with diplomatic passports, so the vaccine was smuggled past customs. President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky instructed to start an investigation into these rumors.

Officially, Ukraine has not purchased any of the existing vaccines against COVID-19. On January 3, the head of the state enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” told that the contract for delivery of two drugs at once fell through. The Ministry of Health stated that the company simply could not provide a bank guarantee to the manufacturer. At the same time, the possibility of purchasing Russian vaccines in Ukraine was repeatedly ruled out, despite readiness of the Russian side start shipping.