Parliament saw intention of Cabinet of Ministers to “drown” Ukrainian citizens in debt

Co-chairman of the Opposition Platform – For Life faction, deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vadim Rabinovich said that the government’s decision to increase the cost of utility bills in the country was dictated by the intention to drown citizens in debt. He wrote about this in Facebook .

So, the politician saw in the actions of the Cabinet of Ministers an intention to please the Western partners. He also said that the upcoming price increase may not be the only one this year. “Because of the pandemic, many have already lost their jobs, the number of poor people has grown, but the Ze-team (the circle of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky – approx.” “) do not care,” Rabinovich wrote.

He explained that according to the new tariffs, the average Ukrainian family will pay for a two-room apartment on average 1,000 hryvnia (about 2.6 thousand rubles) more than last year. “And for those who live in a private house, payments will come with cosmic amounts,” the deputy added.

In January, Naftogaz increased the gas price for the population by 14 percent – to 7.22 hryvnia (about 19 rubles) per cubic meter, including VAT and excluding distribution costs. Also at the end of December, the Ukrainian government canceled the preferential tariff for electricity for the population. The increase in prices provoked protests in several regions of the country.

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