India develops mobile platform BHAROS based on Android

as part of the program to ensure technological independence and reduce the impact on the infrastructure of technologies developed outside the country, a new BHAROS mobile platform has been developed in India. According to words Director of the Institute of Technology of India, BHAROS, is a processed Fork of the Android Platform, built on the basis of the AOSP repository (Android Open Source Project) and spared from the bindings to the services and products of Google.

BHAROS development is engaged in a non -profit company Pravartak Technologies Foundation , established at the Indian Institute of Technology and Financial by the Ministry of Science and Technologies. The default browser uses mobile application from the Duckduckgo search engine, and as a messenger – Signal. In the system, some security mechanisms associated with verification and ensuring the verification of the confidence chain (Root of Trust) are processed. In addition to the operating system, it is planned to launch an independent application catalog through which programs for BHAROS will be delivered.

/Media reports cited above.