Belarusian border guards discovered refugees with fractures of legs

Investigative Committee (SC) of Belarus reported that the border guards discovered refugees with fractures of feet beaten by Polish security forces. About this on Thursday, November 25, writes BelTA.

According to the SC, the incident happened in the evening of November 21 at one of the sections of the border post “Sandsk” Kamenetsky district. With initial medical examination, the 33-year-old and 51-year-old citizens of Iraq found fractures of leg bones. They are hospitalized.

“Because of the victims, it became known that they were part of the group on the territory of Poland. There they were detained by local border guards who beat them and expelled them in Belarus,” they told them in the Investigative Committee.

On the eve of the Programmit, Belarus stated that the Polish security forces tried to stop the refugees seeking to break through the border with the help of automatic queues.

The migration crisis on the border of Poland and Belarus aggravated on November 8, when thousands of citizens of the Middle East countries were gathered at the border with Poland and Lithuania, trying to get to the European Union. The West believes that Minsk specially organized this situation.

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