Clothing manufacturers warned about billion losses

The influential owners of the sewing factories in Bangladesh warned about catastrophic consequences if orders for foreign brands will not be fulfilled on time. Therefore, the authorities will resolve the export factories to resume work, despite record mortality from COVID-19. Reports about it The Guardian.

The authorities decided to close the factory, offices, transport and shops from July 23 to August 5 and a week to introduce self-insulation regime, as the contamination of coronavirus and mortality reached a record level.

Vice-President of the Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Knitted Products in Bangladesh Mohammad Hathem said that export orders worth about three billion dollars will be at risk if the factory will not open. In this case, brands will redirect their orders to other countries.

For this reason, more than 4,500 factories, where more than four million people work, resume their activities. Hundreds of thousands of workers flock into the major cities of Bangladesh.

The Republic of Bangladesh is one of the world’s largest clothing exporters. This industry is the basis of the economy of the country with a population of 166 million people, about three percent of the population is involved.

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