Reveal catastrophic harm from development of Arctic

The development of agriculture in the extreme north can harm ecosystems and aggravate catastrophic climate change. SCIENCE SCIENTIFIC SCIENTIFIC SCIENTIFIC WITH FOREIGN COLLERS, who analyzed, with which risks are related to the development of new land land. The danger of the development of the Arctic is revealed in a press release on the university website.

It is believed that agriculture in the Northern and Arctic regions is not effective to meet the needs of local communities, however, the other point of view is that due to the global warming, northern lands have the potential to increase food supply in the region and can even contribute to the global Food system. So, the elongation of the growing season in the Arctic allows cultures, which were traditionally grown in warmer conditions.

However, as scientists write in a new article published in the Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems magazine, the development of northern natural lands with a cold climate and their conversion to agricultural land can lead to a loss of up to 76 percent of carbon stored in soil and vegetation that will lead to further environmental impact. Researchers emphasize that developing agriculture in the region is necessary, taking into account the minimization of risks for global climate, environmental systems and communities.

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