US State Department began searching for a presented Pompeo Bottle Whiskey for six thousand dollars

US State Department is looking for a bottle of whiskey worth 5.8 thousand dollars, which in 2019 was presented by the former State Secretary of Mike Pompeo. This reports The New Yoh Times.

According to their data, in the annual report of the Federal Register of the United States for 2019, it is said that an expensive gift was received from the authorities of Japan. However, according to American laws, the Secretary of State could not take a bottle, since its value significantly exceeded the threshold of $ 390.

Unknown, whether the Pompeo gift received a gift, given that at that time he was in a working visit to Saudi Arabia. Lawyer Pompeo also stated that he had no idea about the bottle and its possible location.

Among the costly gifts received by Pompeo in 2019, there are carpets from the authorities of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the UAE in the amount of 20 thousand dollars – they were sent to various US institutions. And the former US President Donald Trump in the same year received foreign gifts by 120 thousand dollars. At the same time, the leaders of Australia, Egypt and Vietnam gave him portraits of his very

In mid-July, the former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in an interview with Fox News called President Joe Bayden to be tougher with Russia and to understand Moscow about the serious and rapid consequences of Kiberatak, in which it accuses the American side.

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