Lithuania to build a fence on border with Belorussia on credit

Lithuania intends to build a fence on the border with Belorussia. This was told about this by Prime Minister of the Baltic Republic of Ingrid Shimonite, writes “Sputnik Lithuania.”

She explained that the government of the country decided to finance the construction of the state budget, which currently suffers from the deficit. Shimonite also added that Lithuanian power companies, which have experience implementing large infrastructure projects.

At the same time, the prime minister noted that the issue of financial support from the European Union (EU) remains open. “I think that he will rise not only by us, but also by other EU countries guarding the external border. The risk with whom we are facing, not just specifically Lithuanian – it may arise on other borders,” she stressed.

On the construction of the wall at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border of Ingrid Shimonitte announced on July 7. Similar fortifications are needed by Lithuania to protect against the influx of illegal migrants from the countries of the Middle East and Africa, which fall into the country from the territory of Belarus. The Lithuanian authorities intend to equip the border with two rows of fence, barbed wire and alarm. The cost of this project in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic was rated by 15 million euros (more than 1.2 billion rubles).

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