Idea of introducing meat tax in Russia rejected

In the Ministry of Finance rejected the idea of ​​introducing in Russia the meat tax. The press service of the ministry stressed that such changes the agency does not discuss and does not consider in any form, it transmits TASS.

“Introduction of meat tax in Russia is not planned. The Ministry of Finance of Russia does not prepare this kind of amendments to tax legislation, this issue is generally not discussed and not considered in any form” – commented on the ministry.

The idea with the introduction of meat tax put forward a special representative of the President of Russia on the issues of digital and technological development Dmitry Sadkov. In his opinion, it could help keep climate change. “In a few years, we will first be outraged loudly loudly, and then we will be forced, for example, to take a meat tax,” allowed sands.

Such a thought accounted for a member of the Council of the Federation Alexey Maitor. “You can support it, but as a dality in response to those challenges, which in the field of environmental activities, we currently stand. The animal husbandry significantly affects the greenhouse effect,” he said. At the same time, Senator added that such fees in the future can touch other products.

In the State Duma, the initiative of the administration of the meat tax was not supported. As the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes Sergey Katasonov said, it is fraught with rising prices and social inequality. In general, the deputy believes that the restrictions entered to reduce the level of emissions into the atmosphere should not relate to the production of food.

In hand, such a tax can be artificial meat manufacturers. The founder of the world’s largest producer of “vegetable meat” Beyond Meat Ethan Brown, for example, is confident that the introduction of the tax will lead to a reduction in the consumption of traditional meat. According to the head of Beyond Meat, such a measure would help developing countries to invest in the production of plant sources of protein.

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