Belarus accused EU in askotal attitude to migrants

In the European Union (EU) to migrants from the countries of the Middle East and Asia relate to cattle, which is comparable to the conditions for the detention of prisoners of war in the concentration camps of the fascists. This was stated by the State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Alexander Wolfovich, reports BelTA.

According to him, refugees contain in terrible conditions. In addition, he accused the EU governments in the regular use of physical violence against migrants. “Lack of water, food and other normal universal elementary values. Pour them with waterballs, etching gas for the people who begin to indignant, silent,” said Wolfovich.

he added that the EU member states themselves provoked aggravation of the migration crisis. Their military intervention in the internal conflicts of Middle Eastern states led to the mass escape of the civilian population into European countries where they promised to provide comprehensive support.

However, the West does not want to be responsible for interference, therefore, he strives to hang all the blame to Belorussia, Tolfovich believes. “They (Lithuanian border guards – approx.” “) in essence pushing the living shield of these peaceful people on our border guards. Before this beat them until the semisal state,” said Security Secretary.

On August 4, the State Border Committee of Belarus reported that an illegal migrant was killed on the border with Lithuania. It was discovered in extremely serious condition, with multiple bords on the body, in the area of ​​the town of Beaniaconi.

Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvidas Anushauskas said that the migrant’s murder personally planned the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. The purpose of provocation was undermining the international image of Lithuania.

/Media reports.