Macron accused protesters of French in loss of a sense of reality

The French authorities will not be subject to violence from the protesters and continue to carry out antique policies. This was stated by President of France Emmanuel Macron in an interview with Paris Match.

Politician accused the French participating in demonstrations against sanitary passes, in the loss of a sense of reality due to statements about the dictatorship of the leaders of the republic. “I will not give in to their radical violence. I believe that the very existence of democracy is at the map. Their attitude is a threat to democracy,” he stressed.

Macron urged protesters to pay attention to mass actions in countries where the principle of the rule of law is missing. In their opinion, the participants in the demonstrations deliberately loosen the situation in the country to “challenge the existence of the republican order.”

On July 25, the French leader reminded the citizens that freedom implies obligations, and caught participants in protests in egoism. He stressed that if people make a decision not to vaccinate the coronavirus, they can infect someone from their loved ones.

Protests against the introduction of sanitary passes and tightening the antique regime in France continue for several weeks. Hundreds of thousands of people took part in Paris and other cities of the country. In the course of shares, regular clashes of demonstrators with police officers occur, law enforcement agencies and tear gas are used to suppress the riots.

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