Oasis consortium approved OpenDocument 1.3 as a standard

International Consortium OASIS, developing and promoting open standards, Approved the final version of the OpenDocument 1.3 specification (ODF) as the OASIS standard. The next step will be promoting OpenDocument 1.3 as the international ISO / IEC standard.

ODF is an XML-based, independent application and platforms file format for storing documents containing text, spreadsheets, diagrams and graphic elements. Specifications also include reading, writing, writing and processing such documents in applications. ODF standard is applicable to create, edit, view, exchange and archive documents that can be text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, raster graphic materials, vector drawings, diagrams and other content types.

The most notable innovations OpenDocument 1.3:

  • implemented tools to ensure document protection, such as document assigning a digital signature document and encrypt content using OpenPGP keys;
  • Added support for the types of polynomial and moving average Regression for graphs;
  • Added type of upper and lower footers for the title page;
  • defined means of placement of indents of paragraphs depending on the context;
  • Additional arguments are proposed for the WEEKDAY function;
  • extended capabilities to track changes in documents;
  • Added new type of template for basic text in documents.

The specification consists of four parts:

  • part 1 , Introduction;
  • part 2 , describes the data packaging model in an ODF container;
  • 3 , describes the general scheme ODF.
  • part 4 , determines the format description of the formula OpenFormula
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