Created Audacity forces, spared from telemetry

In response to rash actions to promote telemetry by the Muse Group, which bought the Audacity-related intellectual property and trademarks, the Sartox Free Software organization within the project Audacium Start the development of forka Sound Editor Audacity , delivered from the code concerning accumulation and sending telemetry.

In addition to the deletion of a dubious code, networking (sending telemetry and fail -ling reports, update check), the Audacium project also notes the processing of the code base for simplifying the code understanding and simplifying participation in the development of newcomers. The project will also be engaged in extension of functionality by adding opportunities in demand by users who will be implemented in accordance with the wishes of the community.

At the same time, another fork Audacity is based – “ Temporary-Audacity “, which while maintained the original name, but is at the stage Choosing another name, as Audacity is a trademark Muse Group. Fork founded by Christoph Martens ( Christoph Martens ).

Temporary-Audacity project is planned to develop in the form of a clone of the Audacity code base, disposed of changes, doubtful from the point of view of the community. For example, the code will be delivered from sending telemetry, reports on failures and other network activity. To Making corrections in Temporary-Audacity already connected 8 developers, sent 10 pull requests and 35 offers About changes .

Meanwhile, representatives of the Muse group tried dispel fears arising after the publication of new confidentiality rules. It is argued that suspicions in the impurity of intentions are groundless and caused by the use of non-clear formulations in the text in the absence of the necessary clarifications and explanations (the text of the rules will be rewritten). The main theses:

  • Muse Group does not transmit and never sell or transmit any data obtained as a result of collecting telemetry.
  • Saved data is limited to information about the IP address, OS version and type CPU, and optionally reports with error information. The data on the IP address is anonymized without the possibility of recovery 24 hours after receipt.

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