Reaction of Viktor Babarico on sentence is revealed

Protection of the Belarusian oppositionist and the former chairman of Belgazprombank Viktor Babarico revealed the response policy to the decision of the Supreme Court in his criminal case. Reports about it “Interfax”.

According to the lawyer Dmitry Laevsky, although accusations against the manager and “lie outside the right,” the sentence did not cause strong surprise. “As for Viktor Dmitrievich himself, he perceived this sentence,” said Defender.

He noted that lawyers will continue to cancel the sentencing in an oversight order, despite the impossibility of doing this by appeal. “We will raise the question of violating the rights of Viktor Babarico to the UN Human Rights Committee,” Laevsky emphasized.

Viktor Babarico was considered the main rival of Lukashenko in the presidential election of 2020. He gathered more than 400 thousand signatures in his support and announced his intention to create the election headquarters, but was arrested with her son and was placed in the SIZO KGB. On July 6, the Supreme Court of Belarus sentenced him by 14 years of imprisonment in the case of a bribe and money laundering.

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