Sales of crackers in Russia collapsed due to a pandemic and zozh

One of the oldest confectionery factories in Russia – “Mouth Front” – announced the collapse of the sales of crackers and Galet. This happened against the background of the coronavirus pandemic and the mass passion of the head, reports RBC.

For example, among the brands of Eco Botanica, “Cheerness”, Karasika sales fell by 42 percent compared to last year. It is even more than in the Sweet Gifts sector: due to the abolition of massive festive events, such goods bought 36 percent less.

Development decline also confirmed one of the largest retailers in the country “Magnit”. In a conversation with RBC, a representative of the trading network confirmed that the crackers and galley are now in less demand, but the interlocutor of the publication has not become less demand.

On the other hand, the President of the Guild of Bakers and Confectioners Yuri Katsnelson, dry cookies and crackers often purchase armed forces and social institutions. For example, in the army, the galley are included in the soldering, and in hospitals, cookies are used as a dietary power supply. A sharp decline in sales from one of the manufacturers could be due to the fact that the “mouth front” did not win the guestbook, Katsnelson believes.

In early 2021, it became known that due to the introduction of the mask mode by introducing a social distance between people, the sales of mint jums and candy for fresh breathing were collapsed. According to the reporting of Hershey, for the last quarter of last year, sales of Zhwakhk and Lolliops fell 20 percent due to the fact that people began to wear masks. Although overall sales Hershey rose 5 percent, but this is the merit of baking and salt snacks.

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