Tens of millions of people predicted hunger

The UN World Food Program stated that tens of millions of people across the planet are on the verge of hunger. This is reported on the website of the organization.

The head of the program David Bisley said that most of the population of four countries starve right now. We are talking about Ethiopia, Madagascar, South Sudan and Yemen, where 584 thousand people are undernourished. The UN representative predes that the number of countries with difficult access to food will grow. According to bisley estimates, 41 million people in 43 countries threatens hunger.

Bisley noted that in needy regions assistance is required immediately. “In Somalia in 2011, 260,000 people died from hunger. By the time the hunger was actually declared, half of these people have already died,” he stressed.

On June 16, the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Yun reported the threat of hunger in the country. He stated that last year’s Typhoon prevented a plan for growing grain. Therefore, in the country there is a tense situation with the provision of food.

In March, UN Secretary-General Anthony Guterry also stated that many people around the world are under threat of hunger. “If you do not feed people, you feed conflicts. Conflicts lead to hunger and malnutrition, and hunger and malnutrition lead to conflicts,” he concluded


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