A new “Supercruster” Coronavirus

The pollen of the trees turned out to be able to carry the coronavirus particles. Scientists from the Cyprus University of Nicosia came to this conclusion, writes Daily Mail.

The “Supercruster” version of COVID-19 was confirmed during the experiment, which decided to be carried out to understand how different particles affect the spread of the virus. It turned out that there is a connection between the outbreaks of COVID-19 and the concentration of pollen in the air.

After analyzing a specially created computer model, the specialists revealed that pollen helps the virus particles overcome the greater distance. Calling with the National Allergens Card, they found that more infection cases were recorded just in areas where the concentration of pollen in the air was higher.

According to scientists, in the context of the dissemination of the virus of the pollen accepted social distance in two meters may not be enough.

Earlier in Russia, the ability of a person to withstand the newest strain of coronavirus. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Chief Researcher FGBU WCERM. A.M. Nikiforov MES and clinical immunologist Natalia Kalinina noted that the new mutation was significant for the virus, thanks to her he became more “evil and immunogenic.”

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