Zakharova declared new sanctions against Belarus by lawlessness

The official submit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharov called the new package of sanctions, which the European Union (EU) introduced against the Belarusian authorities in the domestic affairs. Reports about it “Interfax”.

According to her, the restrictions once again became an example of violation of international law and illegitimate actions by Brussels. The diplomat noted that Moscow Solidarna with Minsk in rejection of such a policy and will continue to support his ally, despite the pressure from the outside.

“With regard to inclusion in (…) sanctions lists of persons with Russian citizenship, and under completely odious and unnecessary sensible explanation of the pretext, then this step, as before, will not remain without a commensurate answer,” said Zakharov.

June 21 became aware of the introduction of the fourth package of Sanctions of the European Union against Belarus. The new list was 78 people and eight legal entities. Among the latter are the largest automotive companies in Belarus, MAZ and BelAZ, as well as a new oil company and Beareronavigation, a new oil company and Bearer Navigation. Restrictive measures also introduced the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Later, the Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Puzzchenko said that new restrictions discredit the EU policy and are a manifestation of “cynicism and impossible.” He also promised that the republic would take response, but did not disclose their content.

/Media reports.