Scientists declared a way to return color early to hair without paint

Colombian University specialists revealed the effect of stress on pigmentation and called the way to return the color early to the hair. The study on this topic is published on the Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

According to Martin Picard’s scientist, when the live part of the Volley is a follicle (hair bulb) – is under the skin, it constantly produces a long chain of dead proteins. Also, the follicle is strongly influenced by stress hormones and other processes occurring in the body. When a person is experiencing any emotional shock, the hair onion changes the composition of about 300 proteins in the hair produced, which is why it loses pigmentation and becomes gray.

In its study, Picard and his colleagues Ayelet Rosenberg (Ayelet Rosenberg) and Ralph Pass (Ralf Paus) studied hair 14 volunteers. For the experiment, the subject was proposed to keep a stress diary for several weeks. Scientists have discovered that some gray hair naturally restore their original color when the stress source disappears. “One of our experimental went on vacation, and five hair on his head became dark again,” Picard stressed.

He claims that the process of the described process corresponds to mitochondria (cells producing energy in the body). “Mitochondria is similar to small antennas that react to many different signals, including psychological stress. However, repeated hair pigmentation is not possible for each person. Reducing the level of stress is a good goal, but hardly your hair will be back up,” he said.

With the help of mathematical modeling, experts came to the conclusion that the most significant factor in the loss of pigment is the age and duration of stress. “We do not think that a decrease in stress levels from a 70-year-old man who was gray-haired for many years, will again make it a brunette. Just, as the elevated level of stress, the 10-year-old child will not make it gray,” they concluded .

In May, the girl has stopped for 12 years ceased to be ashamed of appearance and became famous on the net. The 26-year-old teacher of primary classes Lauren Midgly (Lauren Midgley) noticed that her hair was grayed, aged 12 years. At the beginning of 2021, Midgley saw in social networks of the women’s pages that showed their natural seeding and called upon not to shy their hair. Since then, the girl stopped painting her hair and also began to keep an account in Instagram to inspire other people.

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