In Serbia showed upgraded tank M-84

Upgraded Tank M-84 was shown at the exhibition “Partner-2021” in Belgrade (Serbia). M-84As2 received an upgraded fire management system (SW), new surveillance devices and dynamic protection. Reports about it Army Recognition.

The basic version M-84 is based on the design of the licensed copy of the Soviet T-72M tank, which was released in Yugoslavia. The tank was obtained by a smooth-binding gun of 125 millimeters caliber with an automatic charging. The main tool complemented a paired machine gun and an anti-aircraft gun at the hatch commander.

The presented upgraded tank was equipped with a machine-gun set with remote control. Also M-84As2 received a digital communication system and navigation.

In the SUO Tank M-84As2 integrated the gunner’s sight with an optical channel, a laser rangefinder and a third-generation thermal imager. The panoramic surveillance device of the commander was also equipped with a thermal imager and a rangefinder. This allows the gun and the commander to capture different targets.

M-84As2 Protection provides the dynamic protection blocks of a new generation and lattice screens. To protect against controlled missiles, the tank was equipped with laser irradiation sensors. When you hover an enemy ammunition, the system automatically puts a smoke veil to mask the car.

Earlier in Serbia, the Lazar III armored personnel carrier was shown with Russian combat modules. At the “Partner-2021” exhibition in Belgrade, a car with a 30-millimeter gun and a version with a caliber gun 57 millimeters were demonstrated.

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