Putin told US pressure by mistake with help of a dollar

Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with CBSN TV channel stated that the United States makes a very big mistake using a dollar as a sanction tool. He explained that this leads to calculations in other currencies.

In addition, countries that use a dollar as a reserve currency, looking at what is happening, are alarming that the United States can do in the same way. Therefore, they try to use it less as a settlement unit and reduce the share in reserves, indicated the head of state.

Putin indicated that the dollar undermines his position as a global reserve currency. According to him, Russia is not yet interested in full departure from the dollar, but when continuing such policies, confidence in American money will be undermined. In addition, the US public debt is growing, there is an issue and increasing inflation, questions arise about the future of this currency, which manipulations will produce Washington to cover this debt, added the head of state.

Previously, the president stressed that Russia does not intend to completely abandon the dollar as a backup currency or a universal means for calculations.

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